Verify 360

28th November 2014 / Posted By Admin

Christmas is round the corner, stores are buzzing with festivities and consumers. It’s that time of the year, where the sales and profits can peak as high as it can get or break a retailer’s bottom line to an extent of survival.


25th November 2014 / Posted By Admin

PIA, the national airlines of Pakistan was again in the headlines and this time because they had terminated 250 employees over fake educational certificates. Another 4,000 of their employees were instructed to send their education qualifications to get them corroborated and verified with the relevant institutions.


18th November 2014 / Posted By Admin

With more and more competition in the job market, a lot of emphasis is being put on candidates to show their worth to their prospective employers. Many resort to window dressing their resumes and hoping to that this will make them stand out from the crowd.