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Education Verification

Educational qualifications are a valuable tool that highlights competencies of the candidate. For many positions, education qualifications form a pre-requisite to obtain license for the position. However, research suggests that about 53% of all candidates have been known to inflate their academic credentials and other information on their CV's.

Applicants have been know to refer universities they may have attended, but never graduated from. Dates of the courses attended can be altered to suit the job positions they have applied for. Further more, there is always the chance that the University from which the candidate graduated is not an accredited institution. Hence, verifying the education history of candidates have become an important part of hiring decisions.

inacuracy Inaccuracy in Resumes

A 2009 survey shows that up to 30% of resumes provide inaccurate information pertaining to education credentials

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rise fake Rise of Fake Diploma Mills

A Connecticut man has been accused of running so-called "diploma mills" since 2003 and sold nearly $5 million worth of college degrees around the world.

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fradulent Fraudulent Credentials

An investigation in 2004 by the General Accounting Office found 28 employees of the federal government who had "bogus degrees," and another 463 federal employees who were enrolled in unaccredited institutions

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pitfall Discrepancies in Qualifications

Experts estimate that 20% to over 50% of job applicants lie to embellish their credentials.

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Verify360 offers screening solutions to employers to help reduce credential frauds and avoids breaches of trust. Through our proprietary algorithms and an extensive database, our experts can verify information from schools, colleges, universities and training institutions. We provide secured and fully integrated reports that validates evidence on dates of enrollment, courses attended, and the degrees accomplished along with an overview of the academic achievements of the candidate.

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