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The Facts about Background Checks Productivity predators do more damage than you think

Eliminate Fake

Eliminate Fake Candidates

53% of all job applications usually contain inaccurate and false information that leads to termination of candidates.

Society of Human Resources Management, 2003
rise your bar

Raise your Bar

69% of organisations claim that they conduct criminal background checks on all prospective candidates and employees.

Wall Street Journal, 2003

Be a Part of Change

34% of all applications contain outright fabrications pertaining to academics, work history and other credentials.

Society for Human Resources Management, 2012
Cut your Cost

Cut your Cost

It costs an average of $15000 per employee, including separation costs, paperwork, unemployment, vacancy costs, advertising, training etc.

Employee Pride Goes Wide, 2005 Feb

In today’s world, brimming with complexities, it is essential for organisations to breathe easy, work better and feel secure.

Every day, millions of professionals, government officials, executives and individuals rely on Verify360 to expedite business associations while effectively managing risk. Our technology platform shields your company from con employees, workplace violence or allegations by third parties.

Your fears and troubles are resolved through a combination of Verify360 solutions and services. Our team is enabled to effectively identify, deploy and procure insights that assist clients in taking discerning decisions.

Verify360 is one of the world’s fastest growing background verification experts. It is continually ranked among the top background screening & risk mitigation firms. We serve our clients in more than 21 countries. Today, Verify360 is a popular consulting firm with major centres in London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore.

Verify360 offers a full suite of solutions for real time updates, continual monitoring, enhanced due diligence, background screenings and verifications. Our "Build Free CV" app is an online tool that has been helping millions of candidates create professional resumes to get hired by prospective employers and recruiters.

We effectively comply with global and local regulations. Our global clients, span across multiple industries of varied sizes making Verify360 a leading solution provider of background checks and verification solutions.

Customer Success Stories


It has been a pleasure partnering with Verify360. Continuous attention to detail, incredible responsiveness and professionalism are of par excellence. Appreciate the team’s excellent performance. Recommend their services to anyone seeking background checks services and solutions.


Cecelia Pierce Head of Human Resource at GSK


More than 4 years of assistance from Verify360, they are perfectionists in what they do. They are truly the all-round background checks experts. A highly experienced team, who understand client requirements accurately to deliver detailed results


Erick K. Bruton HR at Rainworx


It has been a wonderful experience working with you. You exhibit so much of zeal, commitment and dedication towards your work. Highly skilled professionals, who deal with their assignment promptly, to deliver accurately. They are always reliable and their integrity & personal approach makes them an outstanding background verification firm.


Richard Jury HR Manager at Frogami