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Frequently asked Questions

Why Should I Get Background Checks?

What does a Background Check comprise of?

Background checks look into identity, employment and education verifications. Often employers may also conduct criminal verification depending on the position of the job. It helps reduce the risk of hiring employees with dubious background.

Do I need the consent of the candidate to run background checks?

Yes. Applicants need to give their consent to run background checks. Many countries have federal laws that regulates the access of consumer information and how they can be utilised.

Which background check delivers the best results?

Background checks varies with each organisation. It relies on the importance of the job role and the service the organisation offers. Verify360 can help with education, employment and criminal background checks.

What type of information do I need to collect from candidates to conduct Background screenings and verifications?

Depending upon the type of verification required, we would require the candidate's full name, date of birth and a copy of an ID such as social security or national number, driving license or any other proof that would corroborate their identity.

How long does it take to get results of pre-employment screening?

The results delivered depends on the information provided, type of checks to be conducted. In most cases they may take approximately 7 to 14 business working days.

Types of Background Check

What are the benefits of an Identity Check?

Unlike traditional background checks, identity checks and authentications are required by organisations across all sectors. An important fragment of due diligence, it helps to authenticate the identity of applicants, employees and clients, ensuring a safe and profitable business.

What is pre-employment screening?

Employers can get critical information on job applicants that help them make informed hiring decisions. Invest in skilled candidates to avoid business related loss. Ignoring a pre-employment screening can result in waste of time, money and resources on a wrong hire.

What do they look for in pre-employment screening?

Employers run background checks on the information provided by candidates at the time of interview. Usually employers look into employment history, education credentials, credit reports, driving records, drug testing and criminal records.

Why should we conduct post-employment background checks?

Post-employment background checks are essential to mitigate company risks associated with negligent hiring and retention claims. Also, when an employee has been promoted to a higher level with a change in responsibilities, employers are advised to run periodic background checks.

What are the possible information contained in a criminal background check?

Depending on the extent of the criminal background check, it may contain some or all of the following information:

  • Criminal records, depending on the job, any type of criminal history may be viewed as an immediate red flag
  • Arrest history and jail time
  • Sex offender records
  • Legal presence, many employers now use background screening to confirm the legal status of all applicants, due to security concerns
  • Litigation records, this allows potential employers to check if you have a history of filing discrimination lawsuits
  • Driving records, your chances for getting hired will dim if you have a driving record full of traffic violations (speeding tickets, DUI, reckless driving convictions etc.)

How is a criminal verification different from a regular background check?

Although they have very little difference, a criminal background check includes thorough screening processes that provide information on the number of cases filed, disputes, arrests, convictions and prison terms of the subject under scrutiny. The checks may also include reporting of any outstanding warrants. Such information is accessed through police records, court records and other relevant sources.

I have a criminal record. What are the chances of me getting a job, once the employer runs a background check on me?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that a person cannot be denied employment opportunity based on a criminal record alone. It must be decided based on the "necessity of the business". The gravity of the offense(s), the time that has passed since the conviction or completion of sentence and the nature of the job held.

Negligent Hiring

Why will an employer be served a lawsuit for negligent hiring?

If one of your employee or a volunteer commits a crime or harms someone on the job, a scenario that you could have prevented through reasonable due diligence, then you will be sued for negligent hiring.

What are the benefits of conducting due diligence?

Success of a company is measured through the integrity and capabilities of its employees. It is essential to hire employees with right skills and experience. Such talents cannot be analysed only through CV’s and interviews, instead it requires an in-depth research and wider background checks to ensure that selected candidates are a right fit. It helps mitigate potential investment or reputation risks, saving time & money and protecting your company’s integrity.

What does "Infinity Screening" mean?

A growing trend in the recent years has been to opt for infinity screening, wherein the screening programs are extended to include independent workers like contractors and vendors. It also demands a periodic re-screening of existing employees.

What to look for in Background checks?

Following are some of the red flag indicators that need to be looked for while conducting background checks:

  • Stay aware of their credit reports (if they are involved in transaction of money or sensitive information)
  • Look for several acts of errors (not just one small petty error)
  • Maintain consistency in your judgement
  • Education qualifications are very important and needs to be verified
  • When you get the wind of something wrong, look into it

How can an employer avoid negligent hiring?

  • Conduct criminal background checks on potential candidates
  • Check personal and employment references
  • Check employment history, speak to their former supervisors
  • Validate academic credentials
  • Run drug tests (specific to certain industries)
  • Run checks on their credit reports and driving history
  • Confirm on the claims made by applicants

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