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Pre-employment screening has significantly changed over the years. Employers are familiar and realise the importance of differentiating between discrepancies that may or may not be consequential to their organisation.

Employment background checks typically look into pre-employment and post-employment screenings, inclusive of verifying references, employment history, driving history, criminal records and academic degrees of candidates. Employers are increasingly being cautious and that leaves a candidate fearing of what a background check may reveal pertaining to their past that may or may not have relevance to their present prospects.

Get background checks to verify your credentials and to get your resumes to the top of competition. More and more employees are relying on background checks to corroborate with the records that exist online. Stay ahead of time and your employers through our screening services and solutions.

Over 400,000 resumes have been prepared using our free online professional CV builder. Apart from the CV builder, Verify360 also provides services like:

global expertise

Identity Checks

Build trusted relationships with legitimate employers and customers. It is vital to establish their identity with confidence.

employment verification

Employment Verification

Background screening solution to get information on the candidate’s previous employment, dates of employment, last position held and reason for leaving.

Education Verification

Education Verifications

We authenticate the educational details, qualifications and other certificates mentioned by the candidate directly from the Colleges or Universities.

Criminal History

Criminal History Verifications

Background checks for any history of crime through police records and court records pertaining to criminal or civil litigation.

create free cv

Create Free CV

A completely free service that will help you build professional CV online in minutes and share it instantly.