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28th November 2014 / By Admin

Christmas is round the corner, stores are buzzing with festivities and consumers. It’s that time of the year, where the sales and profits can peak as high as it can get or break a retailer’s bottom line to an extent of survival. Consumers have more choices than ever especially with sales like Black Friday, Boxing Day tagged with unbelievable discounts. Non-retail businesses, sellers to service-based companies all hope to end the year on a high note.

With Christmas being the busiest time of the year, it is a common practise to hire seasonal workers. Some companies following the trend this year are - Amazon (80,000 workers), FedEx (50,000 workers), Kohl (67,000 workers) and Walmart (60,000 workers).

According to a news report in International Business Times, UK postal giant Royal Mail plans to hire around 19,000 seasonal workers to help sort its Christmas mailbag. The temporary staff will be providing support to the company’s 124,000 strong workforce.

The holidays usher in the season of giving; but for some employees in the retail or service based industry, it may mark the season of helping themselves. It’s common for these bad Santa’s to dramatically escape up through the chimney with money, products, credit cards, personal information, intellectual properties and more, especially when they are hired on a temporary basis.

Shoplifting, employee thefts, security breaches are some of the fraudulent activities experienced by large retailers and businesses. Although the holiday season is a time to spread some cheer and have a wonderful time, statistics show that employee theft and other crime related activities are on a rise by 30%, despite preventative security measures.

Sennco solutions refers to the National Retails Security Survey that shows the following statistics pertaining to security measures aimed at preventing shoplifting.

  • Visible CCTV: 70%
  • Hidden CCTV: 46%
  • Door receipt checkers: 27%
  • INK TAGS: 27%
  • Radio frequency tags: 20%
  • Fitting room attendants:15%
  • Observation booths: 2%

The most important and efficient way to reduce such crimes is to be vigilant while hiring. Always conduct pre-employment screenings of temporary and seasonal hires. Provide adequate training once you complete your assessment and recruitment phases. Saving on such investments, leads your business on a road to destruction in terms of reputation and financial damage.

Research shows that, when checking the CV's of contingent and seasonal workers, more significant inaccuracies are uncovered when compared with the CV's of permanent workers. Nearly half of education verifications on seasonal workers uncover discrepancies, while a third of employment history verifications turn up inaccuracies and discrepancies.

Verify360 conducts pre and post-employment background screenings to prevent employee thefts, discrepancies and to protect your business. We screen employees thoroughly by verifying their job applications and calling previous employers. Our tailor made seasonal background checks that screen employees according to the risk and role matrix, help companies manage business risks. Contact Verify360 consultants to know more on pre-employment screenings and verifications.

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