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25th November 2014 / By Admin

PIA, the national airlines of Pakistan was again in the headlines and this time because they had terminated 250 employees over fake educational certificates. Another 4,000 of their employees were instructed to send their education qualifications to get them corroborated and verified with the relevant institutions.

It's a frightening thought. Airlines impact the lives of millions of people every day and just the thought of trusting our lives with someone not properly qualified should send trembling shivers down the spine.

The above example can be a cautionary tale for the rest of us to not cut corners on background checks. Background screening practices can be implemented by all walks of industries - an employment background check now can help your company hire fully qualified employees while saving your company money and a lot of expensive bad press later.

The Real Cost of a Bad Hiring Decision

There are significant financial implications of hiring the wrong person for your position:

  • Decreased morale due to the bad hire which in turns affects productivity
  • The time and money spent to train the employee that does not work out
  • Time and money spent to recruit and refill the job opening
  • Increased workload on other employees while a new candidate is found and while the new employee gets up to speed
  • Decreased client satisfaction or missed sales opportunities due to not having the right person in place.

The Benefits of an Employment Background Check

When employment background checks are used as a part of the hiring process, applicants tend to be of a higher quality and are less likely to be deceptive. Background checks improve the quality of the candidate pool and enhance the hiring process by providing an additional source of information on the candidate’s background. Additionally, a thorough background check can identify and avoid candidates with criminal backgrounds.

Individuals with criminal backgrounds may be more likely to commit workplace crimes including violence and theft. As an employer, one of the most important things you can provide is a safe work environment for your employees. Background checks help to achieve this.

In addition to outlining a person’s criminal behavior, an employment background check can verify previous employment and education. This added layer of protection can identify applicants who have been dishonest about their experience or education.

Types of Background Checks

A leader in the field of managing risk, Verify360 offers a number of screening tools to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Available options include:

  • Verification of an applicant’s identity
  • Credit report and financial information
  • Drug screens
  • Criminal records search for the county, state and federal crimes
  • International criminal records search
  • Employment verification
  • Educational verification
  • Professional license verification

For additional information on how performing an employment background check can save your company money, contact the experts at Verify360 today. Verify360 background specializes in providing screening solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client. Call us today to find out more.

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