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18th November 2014 / By Admin

With more and more competition in the job market, a lot of emphasis is being put on candidates to show their worth to their prospective employers. Many resort to window dressing their resumes and hoping to that this will make them stand out from the crowd.

Recently, a NBC Report ran a story about a Cromwell man who pleaded guilty to selling $5 Million worth of fake diplomas. James Enowitch, 48, started his so-called “diploma mill” business in the 2003 and since has sold thousands of fake diplomas across the world. Many of us might be inclined to think, just what is the big harm in this? Just imagine the consequences if the pilot on your next trip to the tropical island was on of the client of Mr. Enowitch. Or the doctor treating you at the emergency services..

Unfortunately, these diploma mills are on the rise our search on the Google for “Get Fake Diploma Certificates”, returned over 640,000 results. Websites out there are buying premium ad space on search engines and competing to promote their realistic and affordable degrees with next day deliveries.

In today's world all anyone requires is a credit card and an online connection to purchase one or many of these phony degrees and references. This trend for fake qualifications and experiences brings to light a major vulnerability in the hiring process as potential employers often rely on educational credentials and experiences to weed out undesirable applicants.

Verify360 encourages employers to conduct education verification and background checks of applicants during the hiring process to ensure that all credentials obtained are from legit.

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