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Privacy Policy

Verify360 respects the privacy of its online visitors, employees, clients and client-employees. We treat all submitted personal data as private and confidential. We do not sell or otherwise transfer this information to any third party organization, except as provided below.

Please review this policy carefully. Verify360 reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time, in which event the Site will contain a notice of the change. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting to the Site. By accessing the Site, you are indicating your agreement to the Company's privacy policy. This policy applies to all users of this site.


As you are probably aware, in the course of our contact or relationship with you, we may collect information from a variety of sources. We collect this information in order to carry out our business functions and provide the highest quality of service to you. Most of our information comes directly from you, such as when you forward to us information, photographs, videos and other data, files and/or correspondence. You also may provide information about yourself in connection with an application for employment.

Through our service to Company clients to conduct background and criminal record checks, drug testing, and employment verification, Verify360 also collects and processes personal information of individuals who apply for employment at Verify360's clients ("client-employees" and "client-employee personal information"). Verify360 will conduct client services in accordance with the notice given to and/or the consent obtained from client-employees. Verify360 will not sell or share client-employee personal information to third parties other than the client on whose behalf the personal information was collected, and as except as permitted by law and this privacy policy. Verify360 collects client-employee personal information for, among other things, legitimate business reasons such as client service; product, warranty and claims administration; meeting governmental reporting and records requirements; maintenance of accurate accounts payable and receivable records; internal marketing research; safety and performance management; financial and sales data; and contact information. All personal information collected by Verify360 will be used for legitimate business purposes consistent with this Policy.

Verify360 may compile statistical information concerning the usage of the Site. This information allows Verify360 to monitor its utilization and continuously improve its quality. Examples of this information would include, but not be limited to, the number of visitors to the Site, or to sections or pages within the Site, patterns of traffic flowing through the Site, length of time spent on the Site, or in sections or pages of the Site, the other sites that refer visitors to the Site, the pages of the Site that visitors frequently use as entry and exit points, utilization of the browser and operating systems and versions used by visitors to the Site, etc. Because such non-personal information does not identify who you are, we do not limit the ways we may use or share non-personal information. For example, we may share non-personal information with our affiliates, suppliers, employees and agents, other businesses, and the government.

Verify360 may also collect anonymous information concerning website users through the use of "cookies" in order to provide better Client service. "Cookies" are small files that websites place on users' computers to identify the user and enhance the website experience. None of this information is reviewed at an individual level. Visitors may set their browsers to provide notice before they receive a cookie, giving the opportunity to decide whether to accept the cookie. Visitors can also set their browsers to turn off cookies. If visitors do so, however, some areas of Verify360 websites may not function properly.


In the course of our normal business activities, we may disclose collected information to both affiliates and non-affiliated entities, as we deem necessary and appropriate. Except as required or permitted by law or this Policy, we will not disclose your information for any purposes other than those in conjunction with our business activities. For example, if the company enters into bankruptcy, it may need to transfer personal information to another company as part of the resolution of the bankruptcy. We endeavour to choose non-affiliates with similar standards to ours regarding the protection of private information.

Verify360 generally does not require certain personal information to obtain access to any area of the Site, such as Social Security numbers or National Numbers. However, if you decide to provide personal information to Verify360, in no case will the Verify360 sell, license or transmit that information to third parties, except as required by law or as permitted by law or by this Policy. Any information that you voluntarily share with Verify360 in a form is kept confidential and fully secure.

Verify360 website users have the option to request that Verify360 not use information previously provided, correct information previously provided, or remove information previously provided to Verify360. Those that would like to correct or suppress information they have provided to Verify360 should use the contact information provided below. The inquiries should include the individual's name, address, and other relevant contact information (phone number, email address), as well as the nature of the request. Except as required by law, Verify360 is free to deny such requests. If Verify360 is decides to grant such a request, it will use all reasonable efforts to honour such requests as soon as practicable.


Online privacy is paramount for Verify360. Owing to the sensitive nature of our public record searches, the management and distribution of such information is protected by the highest levels of security. We employ numerous practices to protect against the disclosure of information for purposes unrelated to the performance of our business functions or to individuals other than those who must use it in the course of their work activities. These practices include the use of password protection of computer files, e-mail and voice-mail, video surveillance, and other physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards. Additionally, all data received by Verify360 over its online network is delivered over a secure socket layer. We maintain redundant electronic and physical security measures, which exceed the provisions and policies mandated by the Privacy Act, to safeguard all personal and public record data.


Personal Data and Client-Employee Personal Data collected by Verify360 are maintained at a secured data centre.

Verify360 performs thorough background checks on all of its employees and onsite suppliers. These checks include criminal history searches, credit checks, motor vehicle searches, social security trace reports, employment verifications, education verifications, drug testing and skills assessment. Additionally, Verify360's offices and offsite hosting facilities are secured by state of the art security systems. Of course, no set of safeguards is 100% secure. This means that, for example, despite our best efforts, an unauthorized access or acquisition of your information could occur. In that case, we will do our best to mitigate harm to you and, where appropriate notify you of the incident.

Verify360 websites may contain links to other "non-Verify360" websites. Verify360 assumes no responsibility for the content or the privacy policies and practices on those websites. Verify360 encourages all users to read the privacy statements of those sites; their privacy practices may differ from those of Verify360.

The types of personal information we collect and share can include but may not be limited to the following: Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses; The webpage from which you entered our site; Which web pages you visited while at our Website; How long you spend on each page of our Website; Cookies and information obtain therefrom to recognize you when you visit our Website again; Anonymous information collected from other websites through Google Analytics on which we display advertisement; Full Name including Middle Name and/or Initials; U.S. Mail Address; Electronic Mail (E-mail) Address; Billing Address; Phone Number; Credit Card Information; Credit Information; Social Security Number; Date of Birth; Employment History including name and address of prior employers, positions worked and dates of employment; Federal and/or State Criminal Records; State Lien and/or judgment records; State Driver License Information including Driving Records, Traffic Citations and Driver License Suspension Records; Education, and Training History and Records; Your personally identifiable information from other consumer reporting agencies and/or data providers, federal, state and municipal law enforcement agencies, civil and criminal courts, State agencies including the division of Motor Vehicles regarding driver license and suspension information, and past and/or present employers and/or landlords.


Any questions or concerns regarding the use or disclosure of Personal Data should be directed to the Verify360 Privacy Office at the address given below. Verify360 will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of Personal Data in accordance with the principles contained in this Policy.