Pre and post-employment screening services available at Verify 360

At Verify 360, they offer Pre-employment screening deals with employee background checks on prospective candidates validating their educational qualifications, previous employment and any previous criminal histories associated with them. They also offer Post-employment screening which is just as important, as an employee has access to various confidential information and data about an organization, and it is essential for the employee to have an idea about their motives and intentions. They understand your value for money and the need for superior services and that is why they aim to provide you with the best background verification services. Get more details about their services on their website at

Superb background verification services offered by Verify 360

Verify360 is one of the world’s fastest growing background verification experts.Verify360 offers a full suite of solutions for real time updates, continual monitoring, enhanced due diligence, background screenings and verifications. We offer exceptional services in background verification by offering the best in educational verification, employment verification and criminal records verification. Verify 360 have the resources, experience, and expertise to find about a candidate’s employment history within days. For a nominal fee, we can verify the credentials of your job candidates. Come and experience our superior services today! More details on

Verify 360 – world’s fastest growing background verification company

Background verification companies help a company in detecting an employment fraud and also sort out the best candidates for a job. One such company that provides exceptional background verification and resume building services is Verify 360.Verify360 is one of the world’s fastest growing background verification experts. It is continually ranked among the top background screening & risk mitigation firms. We serve our clients in more than 21 countries. Today, Verify360 is a popular consulting firm with major centres in London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore. Come and experience our superior services today! More details on

How can you protect your business from resume fraud?

Although sometimes resume fraud is very hard to detect, it is surprisingly common among job applicants. Whether you are an executive, manager, or a team leader,protecting your business against resume fraud and making sure that your candidates have the experience they say they do, is utmost important. To protect your firm against resume fraud, hiring the services of employment background verification companies to dig out more information about potential candidates and their paid work experience background is the best bet. These employment background verification firms have the resources, experience, and expertise to find about a candidate’s employment history within days. Experience a detailed background verification check from the services of Verify 360. More details on

Why are resume frauds so common nowadays?

The job market has become highly competitive owing to an ever climbing unemployment rate. Even highly qualified candidates cannot escape the stress of finding a good job in such a competitive environment. Being a fresher with no prior work experience further complicates the matter. As a result, job seekers have to find new, imaginative ways of attracting the attention of potential employers. However, some job seekers take their imagination to all new heights by exaggerating their work experience and other related skills. However, now you can make your business secure against resume fraud by hiring the services of Verify360, the best in the business background verification service provider. Get more details on our website at

Services of Verify 360—employee’s verification

Another type of service that Verify 360 will be able to help you is the employee’s verification. 

Apart from the educational history of a candidate, he will also claim more information. For example, they will include past job experience in different related companies to show that they are ready for the job and is familiar with the job nature. Verify 360 can help verify this claim and make sure that they are true.

This can be done by their experts as well as strong database. You may find more information about Verify360 on their website.

Why is employee qualification a form of business risk?

Why must an employer verify the qualification and information of a candidate well before hiring them? This is because there may be huge business risks if you do not.

For example, if the employee is not what you expect, it will be a waste of time and energy to hire them at first place. He may also do the job badly and harm the business and reputation of your company. What’s more, he will have access to confidential information of your company and you may risk the lost of those information.

Therefore, it is utterly important to verify their information well.

What are the cases of educational background frauds by candidates

On a personal resume, maybe the educational background will be one of the most crucial items. Well, but one can play a lot of trick about this to have the job.

For example, one may alter the dates of the courses that they take, and this will make the employer feel like he is more suitable to the job. Or maybe he will put down the name of the university that he has only studied in but not graduated from on the educational completion—a common form of fraud. You also need to pay attention to whether or not the institution is real and is existing.

Why is educational background important to an employee?

When you are looking for a job, one of the most important items that you will surely put on your personal resume is your educational background. But have you ever wondered the reason why employers will want to know which university you are from?

This is because students from more prestigious university tend to have better skills and they prefer hiring those to students from other universities.

But of course, what you put on your personal resume is only for getting a job interview, while how you present yourself is what you persuade your boss to give you the job.

Why should one choose Verify 360?

Verify 360 is one of the leading firms in providing verification services and consultation services. The reason why it is gaining high reputation is due to a lot of factors.

For example, it has a team of highly skilled professionals who have global expertise. Therefore, they can offer solutions in over 180 countries due to their networks of different staff.

Of course, they are using the most advanced technology, especially those of database, and therefore they can provide high quality of verification services.

If you are happy about that, then you can find more about them on their website.